PROFESSIONAL ADHESIVES | Distribution to Automotive Stockists in the UK | Klybeckstrasse, Switzerland

Araldite is a brand which has been around for years, pulling great PR stunts and becoming a recognised household and industrial name based on the quality of their adhesives. Araldite is now an offering alongside our own range of Power Maxed Adhesives.


CLEAN YOUR EXHAUST SYSTEM | Distribution to Automotive Stockists | Liverpool, UK

Cataclean is a pour-in fuel additive which clears the exhaust and catalytic systems. The brand has been around for many years and is a recognised brand thanks to its motorsport sponsorship. Cataclean is an addition to the additive offering from Automotive Brands.


Holding 23 World Records and being an international stunt driver leads to a fairly busy lifestyle. Terry needed us to maintain his website and keep it up to date with articles on his latest daring escapades.


THE UK'S NO.1 CAR CLEANING PRODUCT RANGE | Product Design & Brand Development | Birmingham, UK

Introduced to the UK market in 2012, the Power Maxed brand was created and developed by us. Since it’s introduction, it’s earned a strong worldwide following. Power Maxed has grown so popular, it even has it’s own BTCC racing team.


Racing in the BTCC | Brand Development | Bidford upon Avon, UK

PMR is a professional motorsport racing team that is run as a full factory works style operation fielding our own race cars but also offering full race and track day services for owner drivers, and maintenance and development of race and fast road cars. We operate in BTCC, Rallycross, MINI, VW Cup, VAG Trophy, and Swiftsport. We have massive marketing opportunities to team partners with millions of spectators both in UK and Worldwide enabling incredible brand activation, research and development opportunities for the right products.


THE LIQUID SOLUTION TO HEAD GASKET REPAIR | Brand Development | Philadelphia, USA 

Award-winning Steel Seal is the most effective liquid head gasket repair on the market. Originating from US soil, we brought Steel Seal overseas to the UK, into Europe, which then lead onto worldwide distribution.