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In 2011 a small team of four individuals Adam, Steve, Graham and Wayne began working from a side room in Adam’s home, on the marketing and distribution of Steel Seal.

The team worked tirelessly to bring their own style of brand development and marketing to the automotive industry. Thanks to a clever business model and a tenacious attitude, customers soon began to realise that Steel Seal was a product that really did everything it promised and the brand began to flourish.

Within 12 months Steel Seal had won two industry awards and had huge increases in sales. Steel Seal moved premises during this 12 month period and employed more staff to cope with the demand.

It was not long after this initial success that the J-B Weld range was added as a sister product to Steel Seal. J-B Weld has a huge following in the US. In 2012, the Steel Seal team brokered a deal with J-B Weld to introduce J-B Weld back to the UK market.

It was during this period that the Steel Seal team decided that brand and product development was something the business should focus more resources on and with the contacts and reputation they had earned within the industry, they would have a foot in the door to launch automotive based brands.

Automotive Brands was founded in 2013 by Adam Weaver and his team with the aim of becoming one of the UK’s best automotive brand and product development  companies. The idea behind Automotive Brands and the formula on which the business model is based on the same tried and tested model used with Steel Seal.

While the Steel Seal team looked further into brand development and product design it occurred to them that although they were having great success with the Steel Seal and J-B Weld brands they didn’t manufacturer or own a brand of their own. After much discussion it was decided that they would develop a new range of automotive cleaning products

Automotive Brands has a workforce of around 20 staff based in our company building in Bidford.

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